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    Whether you are new to needle felting or looking to expand your knowledge within this fun craft, Mandy from Frankie & Sidney has plenty of tips and techniques to get you inspired. Hochanda has a wide range of fun kits that you can create for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.  Find

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    Summertime is here and now is the perfect time to add a touch of fun to your garden and get crafty at the same time! So, why not check out this Summer Banner with Cricut and decorate your garden this weekend? Not only can you use your Cricut machine to create this beautiful banner, but

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    Last month we chatted to Simon and Donna of the brilliant Pearlywinks Craft Supplies. If you missed it, you can take a read by clicking here. Today we’re lucky to be joined by the amazing Bev from Bee Crafty, who tells us all about the company and their experiences of being on Hochanda – dive

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    From saving the day by fixing holes in school uniforms to pushing fashion into the future, the world would not be the same without the miracle of the sewing machine… we would all still be slowly stitching by hand! Saturday the 13th June is a day to celebrate this incredible device invented in 1829 by

  • svg17 December 2020Craft

    Are you dreaming of some new jewellery? Want to gift someone with something flash? Now you can do something special! Add a more personal touch and create your very own necklace with this brilliant guide from Spellbound Bead Co. Your simple steps to creating to something beautiful are just below… read on! What You Need

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  • svg16 December 2020Craft

    Welcome back Hochanda family, we hope you are ready for your latest dose of crafty goodness! Today we bring you a fantastic tutorial from John Next Door, who is showing you some fascinating tips on monochrome stamping and colouring. Dive in and get your stamp on! Step 1 Stamp your chosen image (John used the

  • svg15 December 2020Craft

    Father’s Day is just around the corner! Right now, it is a time for showing our appreciation for what we have, particularly being grateful for the people in our lives. In that uplifting spirit, let’s do something extra special for your old man! Buying a card for your dad is great, but why not take

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    Check out this fun tutorial with Cricut and learn how to personalise your favourite blanket with your family name, and create a gift to be passed down through the generations. Tools you’ll need to make your family blanket with Cricut : Cricut Joy™, Explore Air™ 2 or Cricut Maker™ Cricut Everyday Iron-On Material Cricut Standard

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    Millefiori, a ‘thousand flowers’, is a technique already familiar from the Italian art of glass making. Here, you can try your hand at ‘millepunti’, i.e. a ‘thousand polka dots’. The method used is the same: you take a long pattern cane and cuts lots of thin slices off it, all identical in design. This is

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    Our NHS need our help more than ever. You can do your part and make a huge difference with the help of this fully detailed tutorial from Sew Me Something, showing you how to make unisex scrubs for our heroes on the front line. Click the video below to get started. The sizes go from