Hochanda recently caught up with The Avid Seamstress herself, Lisa Falconer, we asked Lisa if she could complete a little Q&A with us to help inspire you lovely crafters out there! Remember to check out The Avid Seamstress’ brilliant Sewing Patterns and Kits to make unique outfits for yourself!

About The Avid Seamstress

Product contents: The Avid Seamstress sewing patterns are printed on high-quality 50/60gsm pattern paper and include a step-by-step photographed instruction booklet. What’s more, they include helpful cards showing users how to take their own measurements as well as a useful sewing checklist. All of this is encased in a beautiful, big re-closable envelope.

Founded by Lisa Falconer who has a true passion for sewing, The Avid Seamstress is a London-based sewing pattern company dedicated to helping modern makers enjoy sewing and making themselves look great. So, without further ado, here’s our inspiring Q&A with The Avid Seamstress.

Where did your good eye for fashion come from?

I’ve always preferred timeless styles and classic details that will never go out of fashion. When I started The Avid Seamstress, I wanted our patterns to be those classic styles but brought up to date to suit the modern maker.

The wonderful thing about sewing, though, is that you can really make a pattern your own. When we create our patterns, versatility is key. We often offer multiple views (slightly different variations of the same pattern) for this reason. Similarly, our patterns can be dressed up or down to suit any situation, and can be made either formal and fancy or casual based on the fabric chosen and subtle adjustments.

We have a dedicated Instagram page for our makers called @theavidseamstressmakers and it is filled with so many great variations across all our patterns. Our community is really creative and has fun with their makes which we love.

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What makes your sewing patterns so easy to use?

When creating The Avid Seamstress sewing patterns, we put a lot of focus on the instructions. We wanted to avoid those head scratching moments. Our customers are taken through each step as though an expert seamstress is by their side, helping them out along the way. We break down each step so that they are clear, understandable, and as uncomplicated as possible, whatever your sewing ability.

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Can you tell us a little bit about what got you into crafting?

I started sewing when I was around 7 years old. My mom had a Singer sewing machine that she taught me on and it was love at first stitch! I’ve literally not stopped sewing since then.

For me, it’s always been less about fashion, and more about the joy of sewing and creating. I used to spend all of my pocket money at our local fabric shop, and I loved nothing more than spending all of my free time creating.

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What is your favourite thing you have ever made, and why?

There are two things that come to mind. Quite early on in my sewing journey I made some cargo trousers for my Dad. This was quite a big job at the time and a big deal for me. He loved them and was so proud of everything I made. It meant so much to me. I also made my own ball gown for a high school dance when I was 17 years old. It was beautiful, I was so proud of it!

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What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out their crafting journey?

The most important thing is to slow down, take your time, and see the whole process as a journey. Sewing is a marathon, not a sprint. From choosing the right pattern, suitable fabric and tools, to the preparation steps and everything in between, if you take your time with these steps, you’ll enjoy sewing so much more.

I’d also recommend making a toile (also known as a muslin), so that you can check the fit of your garment before cutting into your ‘good’ fabric. A toile is essentially a practice garment, made using cheap fabric or calico to make sure that your garment fits you in all the right places. Making a toile is also useful if you plan to make any adjustments or hacks to your pattern.

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We hope this Q&A has inspired you all to get involved! As always, shop the full collection of The Avid Seamstress here with Hochanda!

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