Hello! Thanks for stopping by today. It’s great to have your company. After the bad weather we have all had over the last few weeks, I’m sure that most of us are dreaming of the summer days to come and a holiday either home or abroad. Of course we still have the Spring to look […]

Hello again everyone. I hope you managed to stay warm and safe during the snow at the start of the month? It was challenging up here in Northumberland. Hopefully you have had plenty of time to craft. Today I’m sharing with you how to start a craft blog.  Now I’m not an expert and my […]

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying my creations so far.  I thought I would show you this week how to create a last minute creation for your Mum for Mother’s Day coming up on the 11th March.  My Mum is very special to me, we are more like best friends and she is to blame […]

Every project has to have a starting point. For us, it often starts with the fabric. We see a range we really like, all those lovely lines of colour staring back at us, and then the brainstorming starts. With some serious calculations and planning, these lovely fabrics become a project to share with you all. […]

Great to have you along for this exciting post. It’s all about making journals! I hope you will join in with me to create your very own journal from start to finish. Let’s start the journey together. I would love you to share your experiences and photos once your project is complete. I will show […]