Are you dreaming of some new jewellery? Want to gift someone with something flash? Now you can do something special! Add a more personal touch and create your very own necklace with this brilliant guide from Spellbound Bead Co. Your simple steps to creating to something beautiful are just below… read on!

What You Need

              • One 25mm silver metal doughnut (MB416)
              • One 20mm teal hand-made glass doughnut (GLX1177)
              • Fourteen 4mm silver sparkle metal beads (MB065) – A
              • 3g of size 8 silver lined blue seed beads (RC407) – B
              • 1g of size 6 silver lined teal seed beads (RC577) – C
              • 3m of purple C-Lon macramé thread (BT549)
              • One pair of box lace ends (FN149)
              • Two 4mm jump rings (FN141)
              • One 7mm bolt ring clasp (FN028)
              • One chain extender for the back of the design (FN184)

How To Craft

Step 1

Cut six 50cm lengths of the C-Lon thread.

Step 2

Place the glass doughnut on top of the metal doughnut. Pass one thread through both centre holes. Cross the two ends of this thread through one of the small holes on the edge of the metal doughnut to give you two equal length ends. This holds the glass doughnut to the metal ring. Knot to secure at the edge of the metal doughnut.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 with a second thread passing through the other edge hole on the metal doughnut to hold the glass doughnut flat on the front of the metal doughnut to make a stacked centrepiece of two doughnut beads.

Step 4

Pass one end of the third thread through the doughnut centrepiece. Make sure the centrepiece is in the middle of this length and tie the two sides of the thread together neatly at the edge of the metal doughnut.

Step 5

Repeat to add the remaining three threads to finish with six thread ends on either side of the doughnut centerpiece (see below: fig 1).

Step 6

Concentrate on six thread ends on one side of the doughnut centerpiece. Number the ends 1-6.  Following the diagram below (fig 2) make the weave working to complete each horizontal band of beads before you move onto the next band down. Do not push the beads up very tight to the centrepiece – aim for a flat weave allowing the thread to curve around and between the edge of the beads where necessary. Tie the six thread ends together after the last A bead using a single neat knot.

Step 7

Repeat step 6 with the other six thread ends to make a symmetrical design.

Step 8

Select three threads ends on the first side of the design. Starting to measure from the end of the weave, add three smaller seed beads at 2cm knotted intervals onto each of these three threads. Repeat on the other side of the design.

Step 9

Decide on the required finished length. Subtract 25mm from this measurement (to allow for the clasp). Do not trim the threads yet.

Step 10

Hold all six thread ends on one side of the design together. Place the first box lace end at the required length and fold the two sides of the box down to secure the threads at this point. Repeat on the other side of the design. Now trim the excess thread lengths.

Step 11

Add the clasp to one side of the design and the extender chain to the other using the 4mm jump rings.

You’ve now made your own groovy necklace, how cool is that?! Stock up on all your Spellbound Bound Co. essentials on their brand page on our website.

Need more inspiration? Check out the video tutorial for this necklace below!

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