Whether you are new to needle felting or looking to expand your knowledge within this fun craft, Mandy from Frankie & Sidney has plenty of tips and techniques to get you inspired. Hochanda has a wide range of fun kits that you can create for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. 

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Hi, my name is Mandy! I started Needle Felting as a hobby and within a few months I began to take on small commissions for people, mainly dogs and cats, although I have created the odd rabbit and guinea pig. Within 12 months I developed my hobby into a successful business, that was just two years ago! I now design felting kits and have over 30 unique kits in my range, with others being developed regularly. My designs include a whole host of cute characters including Pebbles the Puffin, Esther Cheesy Minder, Alfie Alpaca and more! I teach felting in workshops across the Yorkshire area, however, during lockdown I have been hosting online lessons for fellow felters so we can all stay in touch and learn together.

Mandy’s Top 5 Felting Tips!

1 – Use a felt mat when working on your projects to give you a stable base to felt on. All you need to create yours is two small pieces of hessian fabric (approx 18x10in). Sew around the edges leaving a small opening, then fill with dry rice. Sew up the opening to complete your felt matt!

2 – When you have completed your project, use hairspray to keep the felt in place and keep your project in perfect condition for a long time.

3 – When felting small pieces, use a knitting needle to hold your work down to ensure you don’t accidentally stab yourself when felting.

4 – If you would like to make curly wool, take three strands together and make a small knot in the end. Then plaint the three strands and tie again at the bottom. Run the wool under the tap and let dry. Once dry, unravel the wool to reveal curly strands.

5 – Use a paper stencil on top of your felt mat as a guideline for your shaped felt project.

Learn how to create Dinky Donkey!

Dinky Donkey is one of Mandy’s many cute designs and is perfect for beginners. Check out our video tutorial below to get you started!

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