There has never been a better time to sit down and get creative with your little ones. Thanks to the fantastic kids crafts from our new supplier, SES Creative, inspiring your kids to be creative has never been so fun! SES Creative produce a wide variety of kids crafts and toys which ensure your children are able to achieve brilliant results every time and encourage learning. It’s important to them that kids have fun using their kits, but most importantly, they are proud of their work! Today, we’re taking a look at the Casting & Painting Kit, read on to learn more!

Unboxing and how to with the Casting & Painting Kit!

With this set by SES, you can make 11 animals using plaster. This only takes three easy steps – Firstly, pour the plaster into the mould, then allow it to dry. Finally, pop your plaster out of the mould and paint it however you like! You can easily make your own zoo animals: an elephant, a dolphin, a zebra, a tiger, a gorilla, a parrot, a rhino, a panda, a koala, a giraffe and a meerkat. Fun to make and gives a great result! Check out the below video for a demonstration:

Find out more about SES Creative

SES Creative are a brand from The Netherlands devoted to the development of children. When coming up with new toys, they always keep that in mind that creative thinking contributes to the early development of a child. So, their aim with their products is to help develop expression, empathy, and creativity in children. Their toys for ages 1-6 focus on the basic and fine motor skills, whereas their toys for older children move to more advanced skills and tasks.

More kids crafts available

The Casting & Painting kits are a hit, so you will find other great versions of the kit available. These include: Cats & Dogs, Dinosaurs, Unicorns and Butterfly & Glitter.

If your child is really into painting then try the Painting Nesting Dolls Kit, where you can create matryoshka’s (the dolls that fit inside each other). They are wonderful and you can even recreate your own family by painting them and adding a finishing touch with stickers and accessories!

How about candle making? With the Casting Candles Kit, you can be creating these adorable different coloured candles in the shape of six cheerful animals. Then you can add some paint and glitter to make them ‘pop’ – they will look so nice you won’t want to light them!

Ready to get creative? We hope you have found a lot of inspiration to help get your little ones into crafting! You can check out all of SES Creative’s products here.

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