Here at Hochanda you’ll find all you need to help educate, entertain and inspire you. Whatever your crafting passion as the home of crafts hobbies and arts we have all the supplies and materials to help and are here with you every step of the way. In this blog we’ve put together some Simple craft Hacks.  Ideas and techniques that make the most of your craft time by making it easier, simpler or faster.

And that’s not all, because at the end you’re also find the link to 10 Simple Craft Hack videos on our YouTube channel to inspire you further. Whether you’re a novice or an expert it’s never been easier to discover, or rediscover your talent for arts and crafts. With our comprehensive range of products we have it all covered.

All that glitters

We all know that sprinkled glitter can get everywhere! From scrapbooking, journals or when added to a birthday card no matter how careful you are it’s hard to keep a work area spotless. By using glitter paper instead you can still achieve great results. This set of ‘Little Birdie’ glitter sheets and Glizty Pastel papers is a good solution. Click Here to view on our website

No more water pots

The Derwent Waterbrush is a perfect portable solution that means no need for water pots and endless traditional brushes. They are easy to use and great alongside any water-soluble pencils and sticks. The brushes house water in the barrel of the brush which is supplied to the fibre tip via a valve, giving a constant flow of water when the brush meets paper.

The Waterbrushes have a patented valve that stops water from leaking and potentially ruining artwork. This set contains the fine, medium and chisel tip brushes.  For wet on wet techniques just add slight pressure to the barrel and to clean it simply apply pressure to the barrel and the dirty water will work its way out of the brush.

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