There can be no more beautiful sight as a crafter than seeing neatly folded piles of fabric. Do you have a list of fool-proof ways that you keep them neat and tidy? or do you just keep them in whatever available space you can find? The bottom of a drawer or tucked away in the top of your wardrobe.

However you choose to organise and arrange your fabric stash, there’s several things worth bearing in mind. With a little forethought you can soon spread colourful cheer throughout your home. Set aside some time and surround yourself with all your favourite fabrics. Retrieve it all, lay it all out and remind yourself of all that you’ve got.

All covered up

Keeping your larger items of fabrics covered up is the ideal way to help protect them. Try to avoid using plastic bags which will deteriorate over time, and instead consider using baskets, boxes or plastic tubs with lids. Make sure that these are not air-tight, it will allow the fabric a chance to breathe and stop fabrics with any moisture in them from being damaged.

Try folding those larger pieces over skirt coat hangers, and wherever you store them, make sure that it’s away from sunlight. This will  prevent your fabrics from dis-colouring and keep your favourite prints looking brand new.

Fabrics on display

Having your fabrics where you can see them is a lovely way to ensure theystay upper most in your mind. Folded on shelves or in storage units gives added vibrancy to your crafting space.  By going through all the beautiful, summery designs you can soon bundle them up. Base them around the beauty of nature’s blooms, and you’ll find the joy in curating gorgeous fabrics that complement each other.

Hidden spaces

Another note-worthy way to arrange your fabrics is to incorporate them into your everyday surroundings. For smaller items of your stash, you could wrap them around lolly sticks on in plastic bottles (washed cleaned and re-purposed).  Larger items can be given a playful twist by being hung on, or over the laddering of wire washing dryers, wine racks or old cot bed panelling. Try thinking out of the box for other hidden places and storage places you have around the home you can utilise.

Need more inspiration ?

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