The wide-ranging sizes of flowers in the Peony Collection could mean that you’ll have all the sizes of flowers to make into paper flowers that you’ll ever need and want. You may never want to buy pre-made paper flowers again! You can reproduce the flowers perfectly, time and again, in numbers to suit you. It means it’s a great choice for larger projects, such as wedding stationery and décor.  The stamps and dies are, as usual, of great quality and as the stamps are red rubber they will last for a very long time. Their foam backing makes stamping easy with little pressure needed for a crisp image.
On first receiving the collection I stamped out lots of flowers onto various weights of paper and card. Even cheap copier paper works well for a scrunched style of flower. I also played around with colour mediums, for example watercolours, Cosmic Shimmer Colour Cloud and alcohol markers. I experimented with different ways of layering the flowers and manipulating the petals and leaves through scrunching, pinching, twisting, curling, bending petals forwards or back and seeing how each affected the look of the flower. I discovered that mixing card and paper in the flower layers and arrangement can work surprisingly well. You can use flower moulding tools, such as a ball head embossing tool and mat or, if you don’t have those tools, you can use a pencil or just your fingers to bend and twist the petals or leaves.

Here are some cards I made using this collection:

This collection gives you tools for life in the form of the versatile stamps and dies that I can see myself relying on to make the flowers for my future projects. Scrapbooking is something I’m new at but the papers in this collection are so gorgeous and perfectly designed for memory keeping that I’m going to be giving it a go.

Don’t forget to tune into the Heartfelt Creations Sweet Peony One Day Special at 1pm and 5pm on the 3rd March.

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