Craving to splash out on something pretty? Save some money and make your own jewellery! You can add your own personal touch and make something stylish for yourself or someone special. Standhill Bead Designs are here to give you their five top tips on jewellery making at home. We know we have your attention now… read on to discover more!

  1. Work in good lighting so you don’t strain your eyes, looking up from time to time and into the distance. At night or in dim lighting a daylight lamp helps – this light also helps if you are choosing beads in a poor lighting as colour can look very different in poor lighting.

  1. Work with a length of thread not too long for yourself, better to add more than keep getting to thread in knots, this can become frustrating. Find the thread you like working with as there are several different kinds. Cotton, fireline, nimo etc. thread also comes in different poundage, a good one to start with is 6lb and a neutral colour.

  1. Having the right tool is essential if you want to do a lot of beading or wire work. This includes a beading mat or board, a good sharp pair of scissors (not too big) and beading needles – these come in different sizes 12, 13, 15, 16. The size of needle is for passing through different size bead holes.

  1. Kits are a good way to get started in beading as they come with all the correct beads you need to complete the project. No need to start looking for the right beads and trying to sort out all the names of the bead to start with. You will find lots of lovely kits on the Hochanda website!

  1. Once you have had a go at beading don’t be afraid to try a new stitch. There’s lots out there which can help you learn such as magazines, websites and online classes. See if there is a local bead group near to you! I run a group and I find everyone is always ready to help each other, especially new members of the group. This is also a lovely way to make new friends, so look up beadworkers guild, there is a list of groups all over the country on there.

Now that you have soaked up the top five tips for jewellery making at home there’s nothing stopping you…the possibilities are endless!

Get started and make your own jewellery!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the video below for Beading Ideas and Demonstrations!


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