We were recently joined by Paddy Anderson from Metalcraft to showcase their innovative range of products.  This is a show definitely worth watching again – especially for anyone in the family who enjoys DIY projects. Catch up with it here on our Rewind facility to see how straight forward it is.

Metalcraft are range of tools that bend, shape, cut and join steel strip and bars – all with just a pull of a lever. There is no need for any heat or electrical power, instead you can form metal into shapes just using hand power! It connects your projects together in seconds, and with safe and easy rivets there’s no need for welding.  Click here to view the range we have on offer for you.

What can you make?

The only limitation is your imagination. From indoor decorative items such as candle holders, log holders and clocks to outdoor and garden items. Planters, plant supports, log burners and gates can all benefit from the use of the tools. They’re also great for making brackets for use around the house, garage and outside.

There are complete workshop packages available along with a selected number of individual tools. This means they are great to use anywhere you can fit a small table or workbench. Ideal indoors in the conservatory or in the shed and garage.

All you need is some readily available mild steel and rivets to start making wonderful and unique creations. To help you get started there are design sheets which show you step by step how to make a certain project, then you’re ready to start making in minutes!  Also great as a workshop tool they appeal to a large and diverse range of people from crafters to anyone wanting to start their own businesses, a business in a box.

Ambassador to Schools

Metalcraft are suitable for all ages due to the ease of working with their range of hand-powered tools. As a result Metalcraft have become a STEM Ambassador. Working with schools, colleges and training centres it’s helped encourage more young people into careers and higher education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects.

Made in Britain

Founded in 1950 by brothers Jeff and Cliff Wood, the business remains a family-run firm. Cliff’s sons Ian and Barry now run the company – Their British made tools are manufactured at their factory in Hull, East Yorkshire. They have friendly knowledgeable staff who are always on hand to help should you need guidance or support. These are products built to last and with 70 years of experience you’ll know you are getting great quality workmanship. Over the years they have supplied products to hundreds of thousands of customers in over 60 countries worldwide including Europe and the USA.  It all adds up to high quality products with an efficient and friendly service.

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