Dimensions Paintworks are America’s favourite paint by number brand. As a result we’re delighted to have them launch with Hochanda on Tuesday 31 March at 12pm.

The range features a selection of stunning wildlife, landscape and cityscape images. From the novice looking for a fun starter design to the experienced painter seeking a rewarding challenge, these are sure to fire the creative spark in anyone.

Each kit contains:
Easy-to-use acrylic paints A canvas-textured board printed with the design A fine tip brush and instructions with a chart

Plus tips and techniques to create your own masterpiece.

Expect to be transported transported from the Italian Riviera to a Parisian street scene as these paint by number products are demonstrated! You’ll be shown the journey an everyday crafter will experience when trying the products for the first time.  Many of the special techniques outlined by Dimensions Paintworks will be demonstrated along with tips and tricks. As a result you’ll see how to get the best possible results.

All about Dimensions Paintworks

When Dimensions Paintworks entered the paint by number market back in 1998, the craft hadn’t changed much since the 1950’s. Good designs were hard to come by, but they decided to apply the same philosophy that had been successfully applied to needlecrafts. It started with great art, licensed from talented artists in the print, gift and home décor industry and grew, offering a wide variety of subject matter.

They have kits of varying sizes to suit every taste and skill level. From novice to advanced, each kit contains high-quality materials and friendly, detailed instructions with tips and techniques. You’ll be able to learn colour mixing as well as how shading and detail can add depth and dimension to a painting. The large photograph on the package is also a helpful guide when painting. It shows the actual painted design. There’s no misrepresentation; what you see is what you will get. Terrific design quality! Likewise, even simple designs can be great designs that painters will be proud to display.

Above all, tune in on Tuesday 31 March at 12pm and see for yourself!

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