Whether it’s creating the perfect handmade birthday card, keeping a journal or starting a scrapbook there’s a plethora of papercraft options waiting to be discovered. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the helpful hints and tips to take papercrafting into a whole new world.

Escaping from the everyday can often be just what we need, and papercrafting offers a doorway to that.  You may not be able to travel to foreign climes but a quick glance out of the window or into the garden can offer a welcome change of scenery and help fuel your crafting passion.

Creative Greetings

Occasion cards are a great way to get creative. And you don’t have to wait until it’s something birthday or a special occasion. Whipping up a quick embossed card with additional stamped details can be used to make a quick ‘Thank you’ card. The UK spends as much as £1.4 billion a year on greetings cards, but coming up with your own fresh designs is infinitely more fun. Just follow these three steps and it’ll ensure yours are a cut above the rest.

1. A suitable size  

A5 is the standard greetings card size, but for something a little different, try using square cardstock. If you’re designing something to send in the post, don’t forget to check your supply of envelopes can accommodate your eye-catching design.

2. Complement your colours

Try laying out different cardstock and colours that you have in your craft supplies to see which you like the look of. You’ve always got a lot more room to play with when it comes to the colours in birthday or thank you card. Bright shades that follow the colours of the rainbow are always a popular choice.

3. Pick a font

The choice of font that you use is one of the most important factors to help define the character of your card. To really personalise it, try a handwritten cursive font. It can add to the tone of the card and give a elegant and polished effect.

Visualise your memories

You can create create scenic designs by finding inspiration in your favourite photographs or taking a trip down memory lane in old photograph albums. If you’re stuck for inspiration and just staring out into your garden, why not take a look at this collection and see where it takes you!

Heartfelt creations Cottage Garden I want it All collection combines all the elements that make a beautiful garden. Explore how to create some lovely layered designs with interested dimensional delights.

Create your own notebook

Finally, we’ve picked out this super tutorial. In less than 10 minutes you can learn how to create your own notebook.. Areat way keep all your to-do lists in one place or jot down your crafting ideas.

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