We recently started a blog called Crafters’ Spotlight, where we shine a light on you, our amazing crafters. We were amazed to hear that you loved it! So, that got us thinking… and now we’re treating to Presenters’ Corner! We’ll be having chats with some of our fabulous presenters – first up is…

Janice Phillips

That’s right, it’s our wonderful Janice! She has been gracing your screens on Hochanda for just over two years now (hasn’t the time flown by?!). Having previously worked as a radio host for BBC Radio Leicester with her own evening show, Janice then worked as a technology expert before moving into the world of shopping TV!

We spoke to Janice about her time at Hochanda so far, here’s what she said:

I have worked within shopping television for over 12 years but Hochanda is my first crafting channel as a presenter and I am loving every single minute here – it was one of my best career moves to date! My love of Crafts is growing by the day, encouraged by our extremely talented guests and by you, our lovely customers and friends.

Have you picked up a new craft recently?

I have recently started to play with making backgrounds and painting using textured paste to add a little depth to my artwork. I have found that I really love using a spatula to paint with. I always used to watch ‘Paint along with Nancy’ as a child and loved what Nancy Kominsky used to create.

What are your favourite crafts to do when digging through the cupboards?

I love my paints and micro pens to add detail, oh, and I love my white Posca Pen!

Do you have a tip for a new crafter?

I would say don’t think too hard about what you are doing. Give it go and learn from your own journey and watch Hochanda for inspiration. When you are crafting, have the channel on in the background, it can help and inspire you.

What have been some of your Hochanda highlights so far this year?

See all the new brands coming to Hochanda and meeting all the new guests.  I have also been very impressed with how Hochanda has come together to get through this difficult time and I am really impressed with the video demonstrations our guests have worked very hard on just for you.

That wraps up our chat with Janice, but don’t forget that you can find more of her live on Hochanda, on our catch-up feature, Rewind or on her brand-new presenter’s page! We really hope that you’ve enjoyed the first Presenters’ Corner – stay tuned for more!

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