When it comes to crafting, there are some items that we all find essential. Either for their practical use in creating our next piece of work, or helping provide us with that little spark of inspiration.

There’s always that next project waiting for you to start, and maybe a few still waiting to be finished… OK, maybe more than a few, but spring is in the air, the days are growing longer so there’s plenty of time to do them now!

From papercrafts to sewing there are a multitude of items that once in your hands, come to life and draw you into a familiar world of arts and crafts.  The ones that you have a particular passion are sure to play a part in shaping the items most important to you. After all, we all have our favourites, but here’s some suggestions that make up our Top 5.

It’s not a comprehensive round-up by any means, but the ones we’ve selected are based on a mixture of their popularity and how useful they are to a number.

A good pair Scissors

Let’s start with a tried and trusted favourite, because when it comes to their usefulness, without a good pair, (or pairs) of scissors you’re not going to get very far. Almost every craft project will require them at some point. A pair of scissors whether straight edged, serrated or the scalloped kind are crucial in every sewing or papercrafting project.  Help you cut craft materials safely and easily. Just make sure you don’t try and use a small sewing pair for those bigger fabric cutting jobs.

Crafting mat

As every crafter knows having a flat, even surface to lay materials out is a given. Having a crafting, or cutting mat is the ideal way to acheive this. It protects the table top surface you’ll be working on.  Many come with measurements pre-printed, allowing you to complete all sorts of measuring, cutting, painting or modelling tasks.

Writing implements

Pens, pencils, crayons and markers. Anything that you need in order to make notes, write down instructions or sketch out designs. A good supply of high quality stationery are must for so many papercraft projects. Permanent markers, effect and gel pens are perfect for this and you’ll also find them useful in fabric and quilting.

Glue Gun

A Glue Gun is ideal for use in a wide variety of crafting. Heated glue guns with hot melt glue sticks are the perfect tool for handmade projects involving card, wood, ceramics, fabric or textiles. The idea adhesive solution to help stick or bond all types of materials together.

A craft box of delight

Our last pick, and perhaps it’s one you most take for granted. The place where you keep your stash of craft essentials. Your own box of delights! The place where the odds and ends, bits of bobs and things you’re not quite sure where to keep end up.  Maybe you’ve have one that’s been handed down to you through the generations, a brand new one you’ve treated yourself to, or even an old chocolate tin you keep your sewing kit in. When was the last time you had a look through it?  Maybe there’s something in there to inspire you…. waiting to see the light of day again.

Why not take a moment to think about the items you simply could not craft without, or visit the Hochanda website to see the latest supplies and products that can compliment your own.

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