Stamperia are one of my favourite companies for papers and their mixed media products, they make it so easy and the designs are beautiful.


Stamperia cream paste

Stamperia cream paste moulds

Stamperia paper pads

Stamperia rice papers

For this project I decided to use the mould with the corset.

Before starting, add cornflour to your mould and tap off the excess (do not use talcum powder because this has added moisturiser in the powder, therefore, it may make the paste stick even when dry) Using a spatula, take the cream paste and cover the mould (like buttering toast). Make sure you use plenty of the paste and get it in every nook and cranny.  Take it over the design edge as it makes it easier to peel off once dry.

Let it dry overnight or longer if you can, DON’T poke it or pull at it just let it dry naturally. Remove the dried paste from the mould and remove any bits that you don’t like from the edges to give it the look you desire.

I also made further sections of the mould to create 3D depth to my finished piece.

The using your paper pad, decide which page or image you would like to use together with the rice papers.

Prepare your canvas,  I used a mix of pearl acrylic and teal blue acrylic and a red.

Add odd pieces of rice paper to cover the canvas, rice paper is translucent therefore the colour will show through. I added a touch of the red – then pulled away from the image I wanted. Don’t waste any paint and have plain rice paper handy to soak up the waste.

Add further colours to your base canvas. Also use crackle paste again Stamperia I used the turquoise crackle paste.  To get different textures put the paste on thickly and thinly – leave to dry and watch the cracks appear.  The cracks are amazing.

Once everything is dry add your cream paste mould, I used heavy body gel as it is strong enough to hold the mould.

I have used ink sprays in the same colours to tint the mould in teal, turquoise, yellows, reds and pink to match the pick of the Stamperia rose rice paper. To add definition I used wax over the crackle paste and highlighted the mould and rice paper.

I also made from air dry clay some roses and coloured them with the same ink to match again the rose in the rice paper.

The finished canvas looks amazing because the products produced by Stamperia are every crafter’s dream and easy to use. When using the paste make sure you leave them to dry.

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