Hi crafters! I hope you’re all keeping warm and craft happy. For today’s post, I am thrilled to be sharing with you my first make and post as a Design Team Member for Simply Vintage Designs. I’ve been a fan of their fabulous vintage paper and fabric packs for years and have loved everything they have bought to Hochanda on their shows so I’m super excited and honoured to be part of their team. Simply Vintage Designs have some fab new kits coming up and one of their new kits is the Snippet Roll kit, so for this blog post I will be sharing with you how I made my first ever snippet roll using the kit and adding to it with pieces from their popular vintage fabric and paper packs. Have any of you made a snippet roll before? If so, please share pics! I had never heard of a snippet roll before receiving this lovely kit so the whole experience was new to me.
A Snippet Roll is typically made up of a long and narrow piece of fabric that acts as a base to add and layer pieces of fabric, ribbons, paper, lace, jewellery, generally any piece of ephemera that you can stitch down! You can then embellish your layers with embroidery, machine stitching or anything else that you have in your crafting repertoire or stash. It’s in a sense a mixed media collage on a roll. The snippet roll is perfect for using up your remnants from previous crafty projects or in saving those fabric or ephemera pieces that you just can’t bear to give away. I also think that a snippet roll could be the perfect way of preserving memories of a particular time, event or person and you could make a snippet roll from ephemera of a wedding or christening for example. It would also make a great way of recording and practising your embroidery stitches.

Snippet Roll Kit
I started by opening up the kit and fawning over all the pretty pieces (a must!). I then took out the long strips of fabric and chose which one I wanted to use as the front/base layer that I would add my vintage elements to and which one that I would use for the back, the outer facing fabric when the roll was rolled up. I then began placing larger pieces of lace, fabric and papers onto the front panel and shuffling them around to create a basic layout that would provide a structure to build on. When I was happy with the first layout, I pinned them down and then started stitching them in place. I don’t generally like to have too much planned out when I start making anything as I like to go with the flow a bit and I often change my mind part way through. Don’t feel pressured to know where every piece needs to go before you start, the aim is to add piece by piece and to play.
If you’re unsure where to start on the long strip you might want to divide it up into small sections and work on a section at a time and see what happens. A snippet roll is perfect as an on-going project that you can pick up and add to as you go and its size makes it perfect as a portable craft.
Add and play around with coloured threads, buttons, sequins, textures, stitches. If you are an embroiderer you will have plenty of options and space to indulge your skills but if you are new to hand sewing you can get by with just a running stitch or by using a sewing machine.
When you have finished embellishing your panel of fabric, you can add the backing fabric, I just stitched it with a simple blanket stitch. Before I stitched up the top of the two layers, I added some ribbon between the front and back fabric layer so the roll can be tied when it’s all rolled up.
I had so much fun in making my snippet roll from the new kit by Simply Vintage Designs and I definitely know that I will be making more, if you have made a snippet roll or anything from any of the other Simply Vintage Designs please share pictures and comments below.
Thanks for your time and don’t forget to catch the shows on 26th February.
Lore X
P.S. They can make great wall, door hangings too:

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