With fun and captivating interviews with our wonderful and charismatic presenters, this blog segment is becoming more popular each month. Last month in Presenters’ Corner we chatted to the fabulous Alex Turchyn – if you missed it, check it out here!

This month’s star is…

Adam Humphreys

Tell us a little about yourself!

Well, where do we start?! My name is Adam, I have had a varied career that has allowed me to see the world… from the shores of Majorca to the beaches of the Caribbean! All of this while doing what I love; meeting and getting to know people. My background is singing, dancing and presenting, whether this during ice carving on the top deck of the Thomson dream, game shows in well-known hotel venues across the UK or doing my late-night cabaret for hundreds of people.

Can you tell us any backstage secrets?

I know it sounds disappointing but there really is no backstage gossip – we all work together as one big team! Alex, Kathryn, Janice and I get on so so well as they are the people I see the most. When we do see each other there is nothing we like more than to have a good old catch up about everything. The other day we were going on about Janice’s walks in the park, Kathryn’s new garden project and what Alex is creating and crafting in a hotel room this week.

What are your favourite snacks to have on set?

Now, you are not allowed snacks in the studio as you can get told off – they are very strict! But I am partial to a mint imperial and a Jakeman’s cough sweet!

Have you picked up any new crafts recently?

Knitting, watercolour, and the basics of craft. I now know the difference between 100 GSM and 300 GSM! I get the most enjoyment in just watching how every craft is amazing in its own way and comes together right before my very eyes… it’s like having a master class every single day!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Nice weather, being out and about (when we can). I’m trying to do some more Facebook lives as I love connecting with our audience if the viewers want this that is…

What have been your Hochanda highlights?

Over the last nine months since I started, it’s been like a whirlwind and I have enjoyed so many things, from meeting amazing guest demonstrators to being able to communicate with the people that keep me doing what I do (that’s right, I mean you!). It is not like going to work when you walk through the Hochanda doors, it is like walking into an amazing craft shop. You are never on your own and there is always someone there to give you good advice or even just to sit and have a chat with!

Thank you to Adam for joining us in the Presenters’ Corner and to you for reading! If you would like to go a little more behind-the-scenes with him, then head to his brand-new presenter’s page!

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