You will need:
First, download the template (found here), print and cut it out. Using your template, cut one fish and one mouse out of the printed fabric and one mouse and one fish shape out of the plain fabric. If you wish to write a name label on your toy, use a fabric pen to write your pet’s name on a small piece of the plain fabric (you may need to heat set the fabric pen depending on your pen’s instructions). Cut and trim around the name label so it will fit on the fish and mouse.

Take you name label and stitch it onto the patterned fabric. Place the patterned fabric shape face down onto the front of the plain fabric shape and pin or clip in place. When making the mouse, you will need to place the small piece of yarn for the tail between the two pieces of fabric before you pin or clip in place. The mouse’s tail needs to be placed within the ¼” seam allowance at one end and then the rest of the tail needs to be placed in the middle of the mouse, away from the seam allowance. When the two pieces are pinned or clipped, your next step is to sew them together (remember to leave a small gap in the seam). When sewing the mouse be careful not to get the loose end of the tail caught in the stitches as you go around.

Once you have sewn around the fish and mouse you will need to carefully make small snips around the shape into the seam towards the stitches but not through the stitches. These small snips help to keep the shape of the fish or mouse. Turn your fabric the right way around by pulling it through the gap and carefully push into the curves and corners to shape. Take small pieces of toy stuffing at a time and push it into your fish and mouse, making sure it reaches the corners. Add catnip if you wish to by putting it inside the stuffing, then all that’s left to do is sew up the gap in the seams and let the cats play.

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