Something we are really looking forward to here at Hochanda, are a lovely company, Rowandean Miniatures, joining us later in January – we will let you know when they are going to be on, as we highly recommend not missing the shows.

I was lucky to have a go at one of the kits. Although I have done sewing before, this is something a little new to me, so it was a learning curve. I absolutely loved it! In the kit you get everything you need, bar the embroidery hoop:

This is where we are aiming:

Rowandean Minatures 

I remembered, eventually, to iron my material, and I also attached low tack tape on the edges to stop the fabric fraying as I was working. I’m afraid I don’t have an embroidery hoop, but I still managed. I would definitely find the French knots easier with one however.

You can see here my French knot practices! It took quite a few attempts to get them right, but I’m really happy with the results – they are so effective. Luckily there is plenty of space to have a practice.

This is where I have got to so far. I will finish it tomorrow for you, and share the results…in fact I may give it away. It depends if I’m feeling generous I think.

These are just a few more beautiful designs that Rowandean that you could be working on:

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