Being a busy working wife and mother my time was taken up until, unfortunately I lost my eye sight about 17 years ago and while recuperating at home and my sight was restored I watched day time TV for the first time. I was channel hopping and came across a craft channel and was transfixed on heat embossing and I was hooked. I bought a couple of items and my paper craft life began with a real passion. I was lucky enough to be chosen to visit the studio and go live for the first time on TV – which was an amazing experience which only fuelled my crafty passion further. Upon returning home after that day we went on holiday and I spent the whole of my free time planning and dreaming of craft and writing down notes of how to make this work. I returned home contacted my church and hired the church hall and advertised craft classes.
I went to craft demos at the local garden centre and attended all their different instructions. I passed on what I had learned to my class members. When I visited my local craft shop I was recognised as being on TV (as the show was repeated constantly). The owner offered me a room to have classes and that was the next stage. I ran in total 2 paper craft classes and 1 scrapbook class for over 16 years all while still being a busy full time working wife and mother and crafted in my spare time.
I am now retired after my eye sight problem came back and I had to stop running my classes too. Craft is still a very big part of my every day and I craft every moment I can. I missed my classes and friends so much I began to run a Face Book craft group called Simply Craft and Swap which is great fun coming up with ideas for monthly swaps. I also have a Pinterest account which I also add my creations to. They are further avenues for my passion.

My crafting has changed over the years and includes paper craft or card making, scrapbooking, construction, stamping, water colouring , mixed media (which I love), up-cycling and in fact I will try my hand at anything crafty and am always looking for something interesting that excite my craft group.

I hope this gives you an insight to my craft passions and obsessions. I, like all crafters, started on the kitchen table and now I have taken over the full dining room with all my crafty stash and working desk space. I am in my craft room everyday, in fact, every that i can craft I will.
Many thanks,
Kim Williamson

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