Hey everyone! We’re back with another exciting tutorial. This time John Next Door will be showing you how to make the most delightful Christmas card you can imagine. Surprise your friends and family this year with an incredible Christmas card, or, use the techniques shown to craft for any occasion. If you’re a fan of high-quality, professional looking cards, (oh, and glitter) then you’re in for a treat!

You will need:

John Next Door double sided adhesive sheets John Next Door Tartan stencil

Izink Christmas glitter set

Izink clear embossing ink pad Card


Step 1:

Use your Christmas pack of Izink glitter, choose the colour palette you want to use for your card design, don’t worry… there’s plenty of glitter in a pack, so you won’t run out any time soon! Take the Tartan Stencil and coat the back with the Embossing Ink Pad. Ink up the back of the stencil as if you were inking up a stamp. This will create barrier between the stencil and the double sided adhesive, meaning it can be removed with ease. Without doing so, you might find your stencil will stick to the adhesive and it will be very difficult to separate.

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After peeling off the protective coating, simply add the double sided adhesive to your card, then, carefully lift up the corner of the adhesive and lift and pull it off, leaving the piece of card, with clear adhesive on it. Take the stencil, and put down the embossed side onto the stencil, which should be roughly the same size. Take the protective carrier sheet, place it on the stencil and use it to push down on the stencil to make sure it is stuck down and is in contact with the adhesive.

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It’s time to start colouring the stripes of your card! Firstly, colour the 2 fine stripes of the stencil. Using low tac tape, mark off the sections you don’t want to glitter… similar to when you paint your walls at home. Take your selected colour, and carefully put the glitter generously onto the sections you have left open. Use your finger to push the glitter into the adhesive… Then, simply take another card, and use a brush to dust off the excess glitter onto the extra card. Add the glitter back to the pot, so there is no waste!

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In this next step we will be colouring the larger stripes. Remove your tape, and apply new strips of tape to section off the largest stripes, just leaving the smallest ones left over. Take your colour, and repeat the glitter application process from step 3. Remember to use your finger to pull the glitter down. Brush off any excess glitter and pop it back in your pot. Repeat this process for your 3rd and final colour. Remember to give your card a good polish, to get any extra glitter off.

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Carefully remove your stencil, revealing your gorgeous stripes. Cover the whole piece with clear glitter and use your fingers to rub it in all over the entire card. Don’t worry… you’re not ruining it! You will be left with a beautiful glistening card. You should now have your finished panel. Trim your card, be careful to get the straightest lines as possible. Now, you’ve got your card backdrop done and it’s time to roam free, oh and remember to have fun with it!

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