Up until the Victorian era, button making tended to end up with most handmade ones being unfinished at the back. These days, it is nice to cover the workings, especially if you are making to gift or sell. The easiest way is to stitch or glue a small circle of felt at the back. This will help tie your design together and give it a more professional look.

Match that fabric:

Use a bit of the scrap fabric to make a cloth covered button to match whatever you are making. You could even use a French couture trick – draw out individual threads to work the embroidery, or even a fully covered thread button for the perfect match.

Pad out your button:

Trying to cover a flat disc or ring button mould with fabric? We’ve got you covered. Pop a circle or two of felt between the mould and the fabric to soften the edge. This looks particularly good with embroidered buttons.

Don’t cram it in:

If you are making thread buttons such as a death’s head wrap, don’t lay the threads really close to each other. A teeny amount of space will look much neater and far more professional.

Snap it tight:

Using a cover button (that is, two parts that snap or press together)
It can be helpful to use a glue stick along the inside edge of the top part. Press the raw edge of the fabric to this before pressing the back into place. This is a good way to avoid puckers at the sides.

Enjoy the button making process:

Take your time, have fun, and don’t worry about mistakes!

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