Melissa of Simply Vintage Designs is back with the perfect step-by-step to create a vintage china cake stand with one of her craft kits, which can be bought from the Hochanda website here! Try it out and let us know how you get on!

Pack Includes:

– Cake Stand Handle

– Washers

– Standard Drill Bit

Equipment Needed:

– Electric Hand Drill

– Small Jug of Water

– Masking, Washi or Sticky tape

– Ruler or Tape Measure

– Pencil

– Old Tea Towel or Cloth

Step 1:

Choose some beautiful plates from which to create your cake stand. Make sure they are clean and without hairline cracks or chips.

Add a small strip of tape to the top and bottom of each plate, approximately in the centre. 

On the plate’s top side, measure the precise centre by taking a ruler and placing it across the plate’s diameter and making a small dot with a pencil onto the masking tape. 

Step 2:

Have a small vessel of water close by, a protective surface to work on and use an old tea towel (or any unwanted piece of fabric) under the plate to steady it as you drill.

Attach the diamond tip bit into your drill as per the tool’s manufacturer’s instructions.

To begin the initial hole, line the drill bit up to the dot in the centre of the plate and then tilt the drill to approximately 45 degrees.

Holding the plate firmly at the edges, start the drill slowly. When feel the drill ‘bite’ through the plate’s glaze, remove the drill and add a splash of water to the centre of the plate to keep the drill bit cool.


Continue to drill holding the tool at a 90 degree angle to the plate pushing directly downwards with a small amount of pressure.

Slow and steady is the key to a clean, straight and chip free drill hole.

Once you feel the drill bit go through the bottom of the plate, carefully remove the bit from the newly drilled hole and repeat the process with your other plates.


Step 3:

To add the handle, starting with the bottom of the largest plate, place the screw up through the hole, add a washer, then the first stem of your handle.

Repeat until all your plates are in place. Make sure they are firmly tightened so that the plates do not wobble, but do not over tighten as this may damage the plates.

Step 4:

Put the kettle on, have a spot of afternoon tea with your new, fabulous and handmade cake stand!


Take care when using electrical equipment and drilling china, please use adequate safety equipment to avoid injury. 

We cannot be held responsible for any injuries, loss or damage caused when using this product. 

Your purchase signifies and confirms that you read and accepted the above policies.

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