All you will need is:
Firstly, cut your tissue paper down to the size you desire for your candle. Make sure that when the tissue paper is wrapped around the candle, there’s a small gap between the ends of the tissue paper where they meet rather than having the ends overlap. When the tissue paper has been cut to size, lay the tissue paper down flat and stamp out your desired image or images. Stamped verses or quotes work well on candles and if you have alphabet and number stamps you can personalise your candle for a special person or occasion. Don’t worry too much about small crinkles and creases in your tissue paper as they will generally get smoothed out later-on, just make sure that the creases aren’t so big that they’d get in the way of creating a crisp stamped image. For my candle, I used The Hare stamp set by Sheena and a quote stamp that was also by Sheena but from an older stamp set. I chose not to colour these stamped images as I wanted to keep to the ‘sketchy’ look that was present in Sheena’s Hare stamp set.

For the final stage, wrap the tissue paper around the candle and with your heat tool gently apply heat to the candle. You will start to see the wax underneath the tissue paper begin to melt and the tissue paper become paler as it gets ‘held’ by the warmed wax. It’s best to apply heat a little at a time until the tissue paper is affixed all around the candle. You need to be careful not to melt the candle too much; if it starts to drip it’s too much. If this does starts to happen, stop heating that area and come back to it when it’s cooled down. As heat tools and candles differ, there is a bit of trial and error in how far from the candle you need to hold your heat tool and for how long. Go gradually and stop and start if it looks like it’s beginning to melt too much. When all areas of the tissue paper are affixed to the candle, all that’s left to do is let the candle cool down.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick and easy project. Thanks for stopping by.
Lore x

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