Try something fun! At Hochanda, we have a huge range of products outside of your usual arts and crafts items. Read on and discover a new hobby at Hochanda we know you will love!

Stone Carving

If you are looking for something different, stone carving might just be for you! Not only can it be a creative and therapeutic hobby, but you will end up with a new garden ornament to be proud of every time you step outside. Southern Stone have a selection of kits available which include tutorials where you can teach yourself how to carve an owl, gargoyle or even and oak leaf. Another smashing project you could work on can be found in their Lettering Kit for creating a plaque for your home, which when completed, can add a real charm to your front door or driveway!

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Perfume Making

Ever struggled to find the fragrance for you? Create your own perfume! Using kits from The Perfume Studio, choose from naturally inspired scents with gentle florals, aromatic herbal and sweet balsamic notes and you could make your very own signature perfume that is authentically ‘you’! This is such a rewarding little project that is guaranteed to leave you smelling lovely!

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Be transported back to your childhood to the simpler times of sitting around a board game together! Work as a team or play to beat your friends and family and claim the title of the winner. These puzzles from The Happy Puzzle Company offer brain training with a fun twist. Family Choice Award winner The Brain Train challenges you to construct railways correctly by solving maths puzzles and using logical deduction before watching the wind-up train speeds round the tracks! Snakes & Ladders Unleashed is a refreshing and exciting take on the classic game we all know and love, with the game continuously evolving. What’s best is that it is fun for both the little ones and the adults!

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Kitchen Craft

There is always at least one designated chef in the house, and at Hochanda, you’ll find some great accessories that will make life a little easier in the kitchen and make fantastic gifts. If you’re a foodie, you will love kitchen gadgets, such as the Quirky Portion – a helpful tool for getting your measurements right. If you’re looking to add a new world of flavour to your life then grab yourself a Himalayan salt block from Salthouse & Peppermongers. Sweet tooth? Granny Gothards have delicious home ice cream making kits – you don’t even need an ice cream maker to create your next sugar rush!

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Soap Making

Don’t you just love a good bar of soap? There is nothing like it, and what makes it more special is when you create it yourself! The Little Soap Kitchen are here to help make that a reality, with their kits including everything you need… soap making has never been so fun and easy! Also available are their refill packs in 10 different flavours so you can try our different soaps to your hearts content.

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Bake to impress! Take a look at these adorable cakes which you can make thanks to Molly Robbins. Available as both a standing and a laying style, these moulds come with tutorials which teach you everything you need to know to make your baking masterpieces look easy!

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We hope you’re feeling inspired to try a new hobby at Hochanda! Shop all hobbies on our website! 

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