This format can be used for all sorts of cards. I just had to do a Christmas card as I had some snowflake sequins, but I also thought another option
with the laminated sheet was to have a circular aperture and stitch the slightly larger laminated circle behind it.

You will need:

A4 laminating sheet Laminator Various sequins of your choice White card Pink card Sentiment die cut – Inspire (Elizabeth craft Design Planner Essentials 26) Bone folder Sewing Machine White Cotton Wet glue



When your laminator is ready, scatter star sequins between the A4 laminating sheet and pass through the laminator.

Cut a strip of your lamination to measure 3 3/4” x 12”.

Cut the card into two pieces. One measuring 2 3/8” x 12” and the other 1 5/8” x 12”. In truth I used an A4 piece of card and just cut the whole length, so not actually 12”.

Using your sewing machine (and a needle specially kept for paper crafting) stitch all three pieces together, lengthwise.
Sandwich the laminated strip in the middle, with the smaller strip of card at the top.

Use a stitch length of 3 so that the stitches are not too close and cause the card to rip.

Overlap the laminated strip on the white card by 1/4”. I found this easier by marking a faint pencil line on the card as a guide.

Fold and burnish the card going through the card and laminated strip. Make sure that the laminated strip will fold nicely, so you may need to do this several times.

Place a dot of clear glue at the end of each stitching line to prevent the stitches unravelling.

As I used an A4 sheet of card the laminated strip is longer and sticks out. Level up the edges of the card using a craft knife and ruler or trimmer.

Die cut your sentiment in pink card. This matches really well with the pink sequins on the laminated strip. Cut 3 more sentiments in white card. So 4 times in total.

Using wet glue stack the cut sentiment with the pink version on top. This makes the sentiment pop.

Glue to the right hand side of the card, under the sequinned section of the card.

If you want to have the laminated edge inside the card I found it easier to stitch if i sellotaped it to the card and removed after stitching. So both versions are pictured.

I hope you like it.

Jackie 🙂

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