This is our monthly blog where we get to shine the spotlight on you, our wonderfully creative crafters! You amaze us every day with the masterpieces that you post on our Crafting with Hochanda Facebook group, so we use Crafters’ Spotlight to celebrate you. Last month, we got to know the brilliant Marcia & Andrew Moore – if you missed it, catch up here.

In this edition, we chat to two very special crafters…

Caitlin and Maddy

Tell us a little about yourselves!

Caitlin: “I’m Caitlin and I am 8 years old, I love crafting and making things, especially if they are pink and sparkly. I love ballet and gymnastics too! We have done lots of make and do while in lockdown we even made a volcano each and tried to make them erupt too.”

Maddy: “I’m Maddy, I’m 5 and I love making things! I like making things to use for my toys and really loved making the cards with inks it looked really pretty.”

What do you like to make?

Caitlin: “We make all sorts but if it’s messy it’s fun!”

Maddy: “I love painting things, like clay or stones or pictures, mummy and daddy love my drawings lots.”

What other crafts would you like to try to make?

 Caitlin: “Jewellery making.”

Maddy: “Making things for my dolls house.”

Who else in your family crafts and what do they make?

Maddy: “Mummy crafts lots.”

Caitlin: “Daddy makes creepy stuff and mangar (grandma) makes all sorts too.”

Who are your favourite presenters at Hochanda?

Caitlin: “Ahh I love Hayley, I met her before and even got a picture, she was lovely.”

Maddy: “I like Janice she is soooo funny, I didn’t meet her but Caitlin did.”

Do you like working together or making your own creations?

Caitlin: “We will talk about what we want to do together, but we all make our own things.”

What are some of your favourite things you have created?

Maddy: “I love the cards, the ink and colour blending is really pretty.”

Caitlin: “I love my seahorse I made with powertex and lots of other things.”

(This one is for mum!) You must be so proud of Caitlin and Maddison! Have you been trying anything new together recently?

Julie: “I am super proud of the girls, crafting is something that has been passed through the family and it so nice to see their ideas come to life. I have recently been experimenting with resin and have a few different pieces I’m working on at the moment, mostly mixed media!”

What do you plan on crafting this Christmas?

Caitlin: “I’d like to make more decorations, we make one every year.”

Maddy: “I’d like to make presents, I like presents.”

Thanks for joining us in the Crafters’ Spotlight this month, Caitlin and Maddy! We hope everyone is feeling inspired to do some crafting – remember, there’s only one place to get your craft inspiration and top crafting brands!

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