We recently celebrated Claritystamp’s 27th birthday on Hochanda and we had a fantastic weekend of celebrations! So, we thought it was time to have a catch up with the woman who brought Claritystamp to life, the wonderful Barbara Gray! Read on to learn more about the recent birthday event and future plans for Claritystamp…

Barbara Gray

Take us back to the beginning, what inspired you to start Claritystamp?

I had illustrated a Nursery Rhyme Chart, an ABC poster to help kids learn nursery rhymes, and was figuring out a way to make the letters movable so the children could learn to spell with them too. Magnets, stickers or stamps were my options. I thought stamps would be best, more creative. However, the big wooden blocks were way too heavy for little hands, and you couldn’t see where you were placing them. I remember having my moment of ‘clarity’; a completely see-through stamp on a see-through handle. That’s where it all began!

You can find the Rhyme-Time book here.

You’ve just had your big birthday celebrations with us! Did you do anything to celebrate at home too?

No, we didn’t. We focus on HOCHANDA when it comes to our birthday actually!

Has lockdown given you an opportunity to try new things and think of new products?

Lockdown has been challenging on many fronts. We are grateful to still be here and still be going strong. One of the most rewarding and positive things to have emerged out of lockdown is our SHAC-Shack, a daily Facebook Live show. Monday to Friday at 10am I present a drawing, colouring or doodling session for 400+ fellow Shackers! Out of awful distress has grown a brilliant community. So much so that we don’t want to stop!

What makes Claritystamp different from other brands?

We do everything in-house. From conceptualisation and design to manufacture, packaging and marketing. Everything under one roof.

What have been your favourite moments of being live on Hochanda?

The launch of the channel. The very first hour. I will never forget being the anchor, and interviewing Paul Wright on the sofa!! It was chaos! Everything held together with a wing and a prayer (or sticky tape and string if you prefer!). It was absolutely brilliant, exhilarating and never to be forgotten. It’s not everyday that you get to launch a TV channel, is it?

What should we be looking forward to seeing from you in the future?

We have invested in new printing machinery, and are looking forward to adding a new and exciting line of printed papercrafting products to our range.

Do you have any tips for our crafters?

 SHAC SHACK!! Stay home and craft along with our Facebook Lives. Be safe, happy and creative!

There we have it, an exciting future for Claritystamp and Barbara Gray, here’s to many more years! Are you feeling inspired? Take a look at the full Claritystamp range on Hochanda!

There’s more inspiration to be found on our blog – check out this blog about Claritystamp’s amazing collection from A Dash of Dee here!  

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