Here at Hochanda you’ll find all you need when it comes to Needlecraft.  As the home of crafts hobbies and arts we’re here with you every step of the way. Educating, entertaining and inspiring you whatever your crafting passion.

We’ve had some wonderful guests visit our studio craft room in recent months. They’ve shared different types of craft tips so we’ve put them together in a series of blogs. The focus of this one is Needlecraft.

The traditional needlecrafts of embroidery, cross stitch, and crochet are all undergoing a revival at the moment. It’s never been a better time to give one of them a try, and we have a variety of needlecraft kits and supplies to suit every need. Click here and take a look at our extensive range!

We’ve also picked out some fabulous tutorial videos for you. Ones that give wonderful ideas and will have you reaching for your needlecrafts in no time!

Beautiful Embroidery

Learn some beautiful embroidery knots in this fun tutorial with Rossella Cottrell from Stitching in the moment.  Take your embroidery to the next level and learn a new skill today!

The Stitching in the Moment Embroidery Starter Kit can be found here.
This is a great kit for those starting out in embroidery or wanting a refresher.

Get started with Cross Stitch

New to cross stitch? Then check out this fun video with Meg from The Nutmeg Company. All their designs are made to be cross-stitched, so craft your way to a new skill today.

The Nutmeg Company range of innovative 3D cross stitch designs are on our website here

 Needlecase kits for Embroidery

Rowandean Embroidery have a number of needlecase kits that are an excellent way to apply your
needlecraft skills. These are real customer favourites on our shows. The one pictured below comes with hand dyed wool felt for the pages of the case.

In addition to the above Needlecase kit, you can find a number of others by clicking here to view. 

Need more inspiration ?

This is just a taste of the exclusive tutorials we have waiting for you online, therefore
Head over to our YouTube channel here
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