Perfume Blending
Chosen Blends – 1, 7 and 16
General Observations
The product I was sent contained 6 scents. The guidebook suggests that they were selected because they work together. With 21 available and therefore other possible combinations which work together, how does a customer select the best ‘test pack?’
I can envisage this product has both individual use and as a focal point for 3 or 4 friends having a great coffee morning/pamper party. It was good fun after you have mastered the pipette.

The Test
I marked my pipettes with corresponding fragrance numbers using a Sharpie pen to ensure I prevented any accidental cross contamination.
I misread the instructions and dipped the first strip right to the bottom of the scent bottle. Does this matter?
It may be worth providing a couple of extra strips – only because if you decide to double up on a particular scent, you should be able to include it in the ‘fan.’
The volumetric markings on the pipettes are quite difficult to read. Initially I thought each mark was 1ml until I started to fill the bottle. I took out a magnifying glass to discover that it was 0.1 ml. The instructions would benefit from stating this point.
Drawing the correct amount is a bit of a knack as inevitably air bubbles enter and traverse vertically as you depress and release the bulb to establish the correct quantity. I took a couple of tries and then mastered it.
For testing a blend mix it would have been better to have had a 10ml bottle. To fill the 30 ml bottle with the three blends I selected, would have required 60 pipette loads. I didn’t fill the bottle. Might be worth addressing.

Tune in for their launch show at 2pm on the 2nd of November!
Shelagh Metselaar
Hochanda Ambassador

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