Welcome back Hochanda Family – we hope you’re all keeping safe and in positive spirits! There’s no better way to celebrate the first week of September than chatting to one of our lovely presenters, so that’s exactly what we have in store for you!

If you’re new to this blog, the Presenters’ Corner is a virtual relaxing place where we have a sit down with one of our presenters each month and learn more about them, their crafting backgrounds and Hochanda highlights. There may even be one or two hilarious anecdotes and backstage secrets along the way! Last month, we had a lovely catch up with the wonderful Kathryn Sturrock – if you missed it, you can check it out here.

Ready for another cracking read? Scroll down to find out who our star in the Presenters’ Corner is this month…

Paula Pascual

What have been just some of your highlights of being at Hochanda this year?

There are so many! There is the time that I accidentally called my beloved cat something I shouldn’t! But overall, you know, working through lockdown with an amazing production team that made me keep going. We often talk about the Hochanda family, but I can tell you it’s real. Without my amazing colleagues (friends is a more accurate word to describe them), I wouldn’t have had the positive experience and memories from lockdown.

What does a day in the life of Paula look like?

Get up, feed Wasabi (my old grumpy cat), clean up after him (he is a bit… let’s just say ‘messy’!) get ready for work. Work, work and work. Then, home to Wasabi. Dinner and bed. I love to see my friends for dinner or lunch on my days off here in Oundle. I lead a very simple life.

Dorothy (Paula) and Wasabi dreaming of our 5th birthday event…

Have you picked up anything new during lockdown?

Yes! I got myself a good sewing machine just before lockdown and I have been learning to sew like mad throughout! Hayley West has been truly wonderful at patiently teaching me so much, and all the soft craft guests have contributed to make the whole sewing journey my go-to craft for relaxation.

Can you tell us any backstage secrets?

I could, but then my life would be in danger… just kidding! I don’t think there are any secrets. Or at least, I don’t know any.

Who/What influenced your love of crafts?

Definitely my paternal grandmother and my dad. Both of them were essential in guiding my first steps into paper crafting. The love of colour and design has definitely kept me interested for the last 30 years!

What are you most looking forward to?

At work, I’m always looking forward to getting to know the guests, watching the demos. More often than not, I get lost in their demos.

Which of your wonderful crafts and creations are you most proud of?

Actually, its really hard to choose. I suppose I am very proud of any of my makes with products I have designed, but also my sewing projects. I have made four skirts, a quilt, five cushion covers, a laptop sleeve and a few more sewing projects of which I am super proud!

What’s your craft room like?

Let me take you on a tour!

Thanks for joining us in the Presenters’ Corner this week! You can learn more about Paula on her presenters’ page!

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