We’re back with an all-new edition of Presenters’ Corner! Last month we kicked off this blog segment and spoke with the lovely Janice about all things crafty – we were thrilled by your reaction! Now it’s time to reveal who the star of this month is… 

Yiannis Morgan

It’s Yiannis! A contagiously bubbly and hugely talented man who presenters are always delighted to share the screen with. Yiannis talked us through his diverse background and experiences in the world of crafting and entertainment, as well as slipping in some unforgettable stories!

Crafts by Yiannis!

Having dabbled in a bit of everything, from embroidery to paper crafts, he’s a man of many talents! We won’t give too much away though – Yiannis will tell you below!

What gets your creativity flowing at home?

I take a lot of inspiration from other crafters. As a presenter I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented people. There is nothing better than discovering a new technique you can’t wait to try; I usually discover these gems at work. The hard part is waiting to get home to try them!

Have you picked up a new craft recently?

Unfortunately no. Although, I do have a lot of new crafts on my ‘to-try’ list. I have said it before on-air, but I am really looking forward to getting onto soft craft at some point. I would love to try my hand at patchwork and quilting. A few presenters have been showing off their soft craft skills recently. If you go to Paula’s Hochanda page you will see her first attempt at a quilt. She used Liberty fabric, it was a stunning effort. I loved how excited she was to show us all.

What have been your highlights since you joined Hochanda?

For me, the live events are always a highlight. I love getting to meet viewers and putting faces to names. I know all the others presenters feel the same way. I feel very fortunate that we have such incredible viewers who watch Hochanda. I know we talk about it being a family atmosphere, but it genuinely is and everyone at home is such a huge part of that. If you ever see me at a show, please come and say hi, I promise I don’t bite.

Do you have a tip for a new crafter?

My biggest tip is enjoy yourself. Crafting is not a competition. Don’t compare what you make to anyone else’s inspirations. If you are having fun and enjoying your crafting, then you’re winning. If you ever fall out with anything you are making, it happens to us all, put it to one side for a while. A little break and a fresh pair of eyes can work wonders.

Why not check out Yiannis’s page on Hochanda for more juicy insider information!

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