Your favourite blog is back with a very special guest! Presenters’ Corner gives us the chance to shine the light on our fabulous presenters and let you know a little bit more about the people you watch on TV. We like to celebrate our Presenters here at Hochanda through a friendly Q&A, for you all to enjoy!

This month we’ve got the lovely and very crafty Leonie Pujol with some insightful and friendly advice, as well as some of her highlights as a presenter here on Hochanda! – If you missed last months Presenters’ Corner with Scott Worsfold, check it out here.

Hey Leonie, we have read from Meet Our Presenters that you’ve been crafting since you were young. Do you think people need to be “arty” or have creative talent to take up crafting?

Absolutely not! When I was young I definitely didn’t feel like I was naturally talented, in fact my lowest exam results were in art. The best thing about crafting is that there is literally something for everyone. There are kits for the absolute beginner, and then obviously materials for those who want to really experiment – with so much in between. Crafting is so rewarding, and your confidence can build really quickly. There are many techniques which make us look good that anyone can learn – much like writing or riding a bike!

Do you have crafty highs and lows….times when the gesso almost gets chucked out of the window?

Haha, yes! Sometimes I can be lost in my little world making something, or just enjoying making a colourful mess, and that’s a definite crafty high. The pure bliss of being lost in the moment is great. It’s quite meditative, Zen like! There are times when craft has been my escape – so although not a “high” as such, but definitely I feel it’s been good for my mental health! We all have times when life really challenges us, and I truly believe craft is something that can help us forget things for a while – which is an absolute necessity.

There’s also been times when I look at my craft stuff and just don’t know where to start. The dreaded “lost mojo”. However, I can safely say that I have never been close to chucking my gesso out the window – maybe at a wall, but that’s just to make a pretty pattern.

What crafty trends do you think will pop up next year?

Trends are tricky to predict – but we are definitely seeing the journaling trend growing, so I think that will continue. I like the way there are planners, art journals, junk journals, memory books – literally something for everyone. I think because craft fairs and selling our crafts have really been hit this year, crafting for ourselves is the way forward. I’m a huge fan of planners and journals – so I’ll happily encourage folk to pick up a nice book and get creating.

Any highlights since joining Hochanda?

I think what was different for me, working for Hochanda, was the ability to have total creative freedom, so that has been a massive highlight. Being able to do my workshops, demonstrate at the craft events, and bring out my own craft range – that has been amazing. I’ve also absolutely loved the ability to swap “hats”, so I’ll present one day but guest the next, and I love that. It never gets boring. I absolutely adore being able to work with so many incredible crafting companies, and really love just being part of Hochanda. Seeing how we’ve grown, and overcome hurdles to remain a successful and exciting crafting channel has been fab.

I also definitely count working with so many talented people as a highlight. To have all that talent, learning new techniques and seeing new products, for a crafter like me, that’s heavenly! Oh… and of course it’s always been a highlight meeting our wonderful viewers – although last year has most definitely made that a little tricky. We need a big Hochanda party when this is all over, don’t we folks?

Any advice for new crafter?

Don’t be over whelmed. Don’t think you can’t do it, and never, ever be put off by people who “don’t get it”. Start small with something that really inspires you, and go from there. Never be put off if your first attempts aren’t fantastic, they’re first attempts, and you will get better. If anyone attempts to belittle you because you’re “just colouring in” etc etc, look at them with pity – shake your head gently, and then turn away. They don’t know what they’re missing!

Thanks for joining us once again in the Presenters’ Corner, we hope you’ve enjoyed a nice relaxing read. Be sure to look out for next month’s edition for a catch-up with another fantastic presenter. Learn more about Leonie on her presenters’ page!

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