Pappnoptikum are a new stationery and art publishers. They’ll be launching their range of new papercraft designs with Hochanda on Sunday 19 April 2020. Ahead of the show CEO Nadine Reuter gave us an insight into what viewers can expect.

“Our philosophy is that we see our business as a kind of a cabinet of wonder for special paper products. Although we are a small team of paper enthusiasts and illustrators we are all committed to quality made paper craft including designs inspired from the era of our grandparents and great-grandparents. Some of us are active members of the steampunk community which is perhaps why we love the nostalgic Victorian and steampunk style of our products so much.”

Quality Papercrafts from Pappnoptikum

The name Pappnoptikum (pronounced papp-nop-ti-kum) is a combination of the words paper and panoptikum, (which translate as  the German for waxwork). However, the core business of Pappnoptikum is firmly papercraft design. It utilises the unique artwork of landscapes, towns, cities and fairytales from different local artists.

“One of the projects that’s very close to our hearts is the Victorian paper dolls range called ‘The Steampletons’. We lost our hearts to this project the instant we saw the artwork from our illustrator Natalia Grebenjuk”.

The Steampletons on Hochanda

During the Hochanda show, the different paper doll kits of ‘The Steampletons’ will be showcased – a Victorian/steampunk themed family. The paper doll kits includes the mother, Lady Victoria, the father, Sir William and two children, Emily and Oskar, and not forgetting the real lady of the household – the family cat,  Miss Smyth!

However, when Pappnoptikum saw people using the kits to create their very own projects it gave Nadine an idea…

“That literally opened our eyes” says Nadine, “because beyond the initial purpose of our paper dolls kits – cutting out, playing, decorating and collecting there was a whole new universe of crafting with ‘The Steampletons´ kits and design we wanted to explore.”

We look forward to welcoming Pappnoptikum on Sunday 19th April at 3pm. In addition to their wonderful paper dolls and triptyich cards it will give viewers some more inspired papercraft ideas.

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