Hey Hochanda Family! A Dash of Dee is back with the new ‘Innocence’ stamp collection for Claritystamp. We spoke to Dee, the woman behind the breath-taking art, and chatted about her inspirations behind this collection and more. Read on!

Hi, I am a dash of Dee, the Artist and Designer behind some of the artwork at Claritystamp.  I just wanted to stop by and let you know about my upcoming show on Hochanda on Friday 24th at 9am and 11pm. This will be my third appearance on the show, after successfully launching my previous collections in May and November last year.  I introduced you to my characters, Hope, Faith, Joy, Brave, Clarity, Patience and Honour, and I hope you will be happy to welcome my new addition ‘Innocence.’

I am in the process of creating some finished samples and I thought I would be nice to give you a sneak peek at what I am doing and tell you a bit about the story behind the Innocence the artwork.

Inspiration behind the artwork

All of my art comes from the heart as I use it as a way of expressing my own emotions. Every character I create has a little piece of my personal story attached to them, and I hope my experiences can resonate with others in some way. The story behind Innocence, is about going back to your childhood self, and giving the part of you that was the child, the things you perhaps missed out on. For me, I missed out on the innocence of being a child, and I wanted to take myself to a place where I could experience that in a safe and loving way, through creating art.

The story of innocence

“She went back to her darkest of days, and took her childhood self by the hand, and led her to a place of protection. A place where she could feel loved and could experience the true feeling of innocence” This is the artwork I created from my thought process, and I think I have managed to capture her innocence in a positive way by allowing her the opportunity to stand on top of the world and see it  through the eyes of a child. Eyes that saw the world with a curious wonder instead of fear. Eyes that only knew trust and unconditional love. She started to believe in her abilities. She felt mindful, playful and she started to believe in the possibilities that lay before her.  She had an opportunity to take the weight of the world away from her shoulders and place it at her feet instead, and she felt ready to embrace her future in a positive and loving way.

Creating a vintage journal

So, my samples from Clarity arrived yesterday and the thing I wanted to create most with them was a little vintage journal book, as Innocence has a story to tell and what better way to tell your story and document your feelings than in a journal. I wanted to make it look old and a bit weathered, as the story is about going back to the past. Each page reveals a little more about the character, and eventually brings her to her happy ending. Here are some pictures, and I have made a little video to go along side it. I can show how to complete the whole book in a FB live on Sunday the 26th at 1pm and concentrate on showing how to colour and shade the images during the show, as I want to show you how to make the images look more like a drawing instead of a stamp.

I look forward to sharing more with you on the show.

Lots of love Dee. X

Check out this sneak peek video!

Be inspired by Dee…

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