Hochanda presenter and expert crafter, Paula Pascual, has been crafting for most of her life and has picked up many different tips and hints along the way. So if you are new to the crafting world or would like to gain a new idea, then take a read and be inspired!

Tip 1 – Go for what you like.

If you like a colour, a technique, a style… then follow that. Forget about what it’s in or the latest trends. It’s all about you, not what everyone else is doing.

Tip 2 – Be brave.

Paper doesn’t have feelings, so even if you mess it up it doesn’t matter! Try the techniques you have seen on Hochanda. The worst thing it can happen is that you have to throw away a piece of paper.

Tip 3 – Practice makes it perfect!

If you like a technique but don’t succeed at first, then try again if you really want to succeed. But not every technique or style is for everyone so if you don’t enjoy the process of practising that particular one then move on to the next one!

Tip 4 – Be organised!

Invest in good storage that works for you and makes it easier to find the right tool, paint or paper! This saves times and makes the whole experience of crafting much more enjoyable. Top tip If you are starting up, use empty shoe boxes. (Even I still use them alongside perfect Deflecto and CoolKatzCrafts storage!)

Tip 5 – Share your creations!

A lot of the beauty of crafting is the sharing, whether is just sharing ideas and inspiration or whether is sharing what you have created by sending the card or project. Head over to Facebook and join the Hochanda community group, Crafting with Hochanda!

Tip 6 – Have fun!

The whole thing about crafting is the enjoying the process. Whether is colour, texture, design or just having a play that makes you tick, then it’s all good!

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