The All Year Round Christmas Handbook is the only book you need to plan, make, cook and create your own unique celebration. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to organise your crafting items in a handy way. This portable wrapping station is easy, straight forward and very useful. In the middle of the bucket is a handmade pouch, this is a vital element in this creation.

Firstly, find a lovely old bucket, add a smudge of glue on each side and add a big ribbon, then, tie on your scissors so you never lose them! Now, it’s time to make your internal pouch and divider:

Step 1:

Fold in half some fabric, the width of the top of your bucket and twice its height and cut out two squares each side of the folded edge.

Step 2:

Open up & zig-zag, or overlock all raw edges and Sew on a pocket to the one right side

Step 3:

Sew together the two long edges with right sides together (sew line 1cm from edge), after inserting a loop made of 6cm of narrow elastic at the top of each side

Step 4:

Squeeze apart points in each corner to create a straight edge & sew together each side

Step 5:

Turn inside out & thread ribbon through the elastic loops to tie to the handle each side

Step 6:

Fill it with wrapping necessities & get wrapping!

Take a look at the video tutorial below to follow each step in more detail on how to make your own portable wrapping station

As always, remember to have fun with all the crafting you get up to! With this wrapping station, you can make your Christmas this year a lot more stress free, and fun!

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