Decoupage is a beautiful craft that everyone can get involved, regardless of your experience! We’re so excited that we asked the lovely Nikki Killenger to give us a quick step-by-step on how to create this beautiful plant pot before she join us to demonstrate the incredible Decopatch products next week! 

Step 1. 

Choose your paper’s and prepare all the items you want to work with.

Step 2. 

Tear or cut your papers, according to your design. For this design I have used scissors as I wanted a band around the pot, but usually you can just tear your papers.

Step 3. 

Decant some glue into a smaller pot to make it easier.  Apply glue to enough of an area to put your first piece of paper.

Step 4. 

Apply paper, you can pick the paper up on your brush to place it. Smooth the paper onto your item from the centre out.

Step 5. 

Build up your pattern, butting your papers up to each other, and overlapping slightly where necessary.  Go over the top of your papers with more glue, to seal them in.  The glue is wipeable with a damp cloth once dry, and is all you need for household items unless you want them to be more durable.

Step 6. 

If you have a pattern that you need to make sure the edges meet on, put your bottom border around next, so you c

an fill in the gap between the two easier with the fill in green paper.

Step 7. 

Once dry, fill your vase with water and flowers, and enjoy!

Tune in to see Nikki Killinger’s first Decopatch launch shows on Hochanda on Wednesday 27th July 11am and 6pm! 

You can watch Hochanda live online, Sky channel 663, Freeview 39 (6am – 9pm) or Freesat 817.

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