The Cricut Joy machine is an amazing addition to any crafters stash, in this tutorial you will find out how to create a quick and personalised card. The ingenious glue-free design allows for two-tone, depth-filled cards without mess or hassle. Cut intricate and meaningful words and images into the face of the card to let the beautiful insert colour show through. You can customise your cards or select pre-designed cards from the Cricut Design Space project library.

About Cricut

Get inspired and take each project to new heights by combining Cricut to your craft projects! From personalised paper crafts to custom clothing and home decor. The Cricut cutting machines are designed to work with a large range of materials, including iron-on, vinyl, fabric, card stock, tracing paper, foam, wood and faux leather. In addition to the fantastic Cricut machines, we also offer our versatile Cricut blades, Cricut cartridges, a great range of tools, materials and craft inspiration!

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You will need:

Cricut Joy smart cutting machine

Cricut Joy Insert Cards

Cricut Joy Card Mat

Cricut Joy Pens or Markers (optional)

Step 1

Select a card design you would like to make from the Cricut Design Space projects library, then click Make It.

Step 2

Choose ‘On Card Mat’. Then select Continue. Select Browse All Materials and choose Insert Card – Cardstock.

Step 3

Remove the protective cover from the mat. Open the card. From the left, slide one side of the folded card under the plastic divider. Ensure card is aligned to the top left corner of mat. Push the card up until it’s flush with the top, then align the inside fold of the card against plastic divider.

Step 4

Press the front of the card into the adhesive on mat, then Insert mat into machine, arrow end first.

Step 5

When cut is complete, peel the mat away from the card. Tuck insert into corner notches in the card to complete your insert card.

Top Tip!

To write or draw on the inside of your card, fold the card inside out and repeat the steps above. Be sure that your Draw design is properly oriented and positioned on the project preview screen. 

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