We are so excited about our new Guest Showcase segment. Every month we will be introducing you to our brilliant guests where they will share their beginnings, inspiration and creativity. This month we had the opportunity to speak to Simon and Donna from Pearlywinks Craft Supplies. Enjoy!


Where did it all begin and what do Pearlywinks do?

We are a small craft company based in Manchester. I started the business in April 2018 and then only a few months later in July, we had our first show on Hochanda! My sister Donna became a partner in August 2018, then Adam, my partner, also joined the team later that year and took charge of the manufacturing and marketing side of the business. Donna prepares for our monthly shows on Hochanda, as well as lots of input into the designing of stamps and new colour blends. She has also recently been on the hunt to expand our range and sourced some amazing mount board which is perfect for all sorts of crafts. 

We have an office based in Bolton where all the magic happens. We blend and bottle all our own inks and sprays so it can be quite hectic at times, but it is always fun. We have a small design team who all do amazing work providing beautiful samples for our shows as well as lots of work on social media sharing hints and tips and ideas with others, they really are the best!

Crafting has always been a massive part of our lives. Our Grandad was a crafter who made toys out of wood, our dad has always enjoyed woodwork and has recently taken up wood turning. Our Mum has done all sorts and is a huge inspiration to us, in a way we are following on her crafting dreams. We all have our own reasons for crafting it has helped us overcome things such as depression, anxiety, and stress – it really is a great healer, releasing the inner artist definitely helps.

What’s important to Pearlywinks?

Pearlywinks is all about fun! We love to keep things light-hearted and interact with all our customers. Since we’ve been on lock-down we have been having lots of fun on our Facebook page – we have been trying to get at least two Facebook lives done a week to inspire you, Fridays Riddles and Giggles with Donna, followed by Bingo with Adam and Simon! Then, on a Saturday or Sunday Adam and Simon have been having a singing session. We know times are really tough at the moment and really like to give something back because we genuinely care about others and if we can bring a little happiness to someone else (be that laughing with us or at us!) then we are happy. We have been told by people who live alone that it really gives them something to look forward to as they do not see anyone at the moment.

We are on most social media platforms and have recently updated our website which is now even more user-friendly. We have also included a section for inspiration as well as tutorials as we know not everyone is on social media, so it gives them access to all our videos.

We try where possible to buy our stock such as bottles and ingredients from UK companies, our stamps are made by another small family run business based in the UK who also feature on Hochanda. We believe that all our products should be ethically sourced and free from animal testing – all of this is highly important to us.

Thanks for reading! Keep safe,

Simon xx


Hi, I’m Donna – grab yourself a cuppa!

Since our first show on Hochanda, we have had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic like-minded people who have become great friends! We have an amazing family and we really feel blessed to have help, love & support from you all.

I have a gorgeous husband, Christopher, a gorgeous girl, Chelsie, a gorgeous boy, Clayton, and two beautiful granddaughters! My family is mahoooosive and spread all over the world…. Nana, Mum, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Nephews & Nieces, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, and Great Nephews & Nieces and Great Cousins etc.

Both Simon & I are very lucky to have such amazing supportive partners! Two years ago, Adam was not even a crafter, but look at him now! He spent so much time helping build the business, he fell in love with crafting! Simon, Adam, and I, along with our amazing design team (AKA the Winkies) and the other crafters in Pearlywinks will always be on hand if you need anything.

I’ve been crafting for about 20 years now! Like many others, it is something I fell into when I was going through health issues. My mum (AKA Mama Winkie) introduced me to it one day and I have never looked back. Crafting sends me to my happy place, and I find it really relaxing. I love sharing ideas and feel so proud when people like what I do – I have been reduced to tears on many occasions because of people’s kind words & appreciation!

Mum & Simon had an online shop and were doing all sorts of Crafty stuff. Simon trained in lots of things before he found his niche in inks. I had been crafting for 18 years as a paper crafter before Simon introduced me to inks! My crafts were all pretty cards with diamantes, toppers, and embellishments. I had cards and ribbons in every colour and I even made gift wallets, memory books and handbags!

When Simon gave me this set of inks, I never had any interest in them. I only had a couple of colours and a mica spray! It used to confuse me but I stored them away because I knew I’d use them one day. So, that day came when I forced myself to put some time aside, open them up and just spray them at least… from that moment on, I was completely hooked! I wish I had been braver and opened them sooner! I remember for the first week I was up until 3am playing and spraying everything. I used vegetables and all sorts to make prints sending pictures. I then pushed Simon into taking it to the shopping channel, and now he’s popping out new colours and textures left, right and centre!

I’m super proud of my clever little brother and the amazing products he spends hours mixing like a professor in a lab getting all the right blends. Every time someone says how wonderful the sprays are, it really pushes the pride button. Simon has made something amazing and we are still finding out things to do with them two years on.

More and more people are giving them a go, and the hard work and endless hours are starting to show results for themselves by every like, every follow, and every review or comment. They all mean so much to us all, so thank you so so much!

Love & Crafty Hugs,

Donna x

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Thank you Simon and Donna for making history as our first featured supplier in Guest Showcase! Be sure to tune in for Pearlywinks Craft Supplies‘ next show on Hochanda on Saturday 20th June at 2pm & 7pm! 

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