We’re thrilled to be back with another Guest Showcase, with a very interesting and insightful look into the world of honey farming. Our lovely guest is Edinburgh Honey Co and they’re here to answer our questions covering all things honey, yum! Be sure to check out their range of fabulous products here!

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About Edinburgh Honey Co.

Edinburgh Honey Co are an independent, family-owned company with 60 years of beekeeping traditions. All of our honey is being sourced in the sustainable and responsible way both from our own apiaries in Perthshire, Scotland and our family’s in Poland. We specialize in rare, high-quality raw honey , that is hand-packed with recycled materials only and it is 100% plastic free. Our dedication to recycling and ecology is deeply rooted in company values and work ethos.

What is your favourite product to make, and why?

Gingerbread Spiced Honey! Firstly the job of combining all the spices we use in this honey is heavenly and it reminds us of Christmas all year long. To add, it’s great to be able to collaborate with Spice Kitchen (whose spices we use) and innovate together on such a tasty treat!

What challenges are faced owning bee hives?

Rising pollution is a challenging factor in beekeeping as cities grow larger and the natural world decreases in size. Degradation of the natural environment is obviously a challenge the bees face as well as us beekeepers. As more species of trees, plants and flowers die out, varieties of honey will narrow over time to whatever there is left for the bees to pollinate.

Could you tell us about your environmentally friendly ethos

Our environmental tradition reaches back to 1957 when our grandfather, Witold, started his first apiary in Poland after his initial training in Scotland during WWII. We are the third generation of beekeepers in our family and proudly cultivated our heritage in Scotland. Our mission is to provide high quality honey at a reasonable price with as small an environmental impact as possible. That is why in our branding, packaging and shipping, we use only recycled materials.

What does a day in the life look like for you?

A day in the life working at Edinburgh Honey Company always starts with 10 minutes of chilled chat and fresh coffee (before the shift starts of course!). We sketch a rough plan for the day and week, then get cracking on the hundred and one tasks to be completed. Personally my usual tasks will include processing all the online orders and arranging shipping, followed by content updates and website expansion; customer care and co-running the shop! There’s never a dull moment in our Easter Road Hive…

How much honey are you producing a year?

Roughly we have 200 bee colonies spread out around East Lothian and The Falkland Estate. Each colony can have around 50,000 bees in one hive and one honeybee will produce only about half teaspoon of honey in their lifetime. Some quick maths for you.

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