Hochanda is excited to be able to bring to you one of the most versatile and handy kitchen products on the market, bamix®. It was created over 60 years ago by inventor Roger Perrinjaquet and has sparked a fire in everyone who has tried the bamix®. From chopping, pureeing, beating, grating and much more, the bamix® is able to replace multiple appliances in your kitchen with its range of features and qualities. The inner foodie in you will be inspired with all the delicious recipes you can try at home and all the ways you can use your bamix® to try something different.

Feeling Hungry?

The possibilities with your bamix® are endless and you can make 100’s of easy dishes at home in minutes. So whether you are looking to make a tasty dip for your next dinner party or a special pudding to impress a certain someone, bamix® has got you covered! Check out this amazing recipe on how to make your own smooth strawberry shake!

Check out our YouTube Playlist for 7 other amazing recipes using your bamix®!

Still Hungry?

Get your taste buds tingling with these amazing dishes, all created with bamix®!

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