A perfect summer project offering tropical vibes – You’ll be transported to a warmer climate with this fabulous wreath project. It makes perfect décor to brighten up a room or to hang on your front door to celebrate the summer months.

What you will need…

Materials to cut:

Green and Gold Cardstock

Everything else:

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker Standard Grip Mat

Fine Point Blade (comes with the Maker)

Cricut Gold 1.0 Pen

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

Metal Wreath base


Get Crafting!

Step 1:

Add the following Tropical leaves into Cricut Design Space:

Search for the following image numbers , or search for tropical leaves: #M8959D1E, #M8959D26, #ME392FC5, #ME392FCC, #MC97D724, #MC97D834

Step 2:

Resize the leaves to fit your wreath, then select all of the leaves and ensure they are the same colour, except for the fern-this is the one you will cut from gold card, so keep this a different colour.

Step 3:

Take the Monstera outline and the Drawn monstera leaf and make sure they are the same size. Select the outline leaf, then click contour- remove all contours so that only the shape of the leaf remains. Lay the drawn leaf over the top of this leaf and attach the two layers together-this will draw the design on top of the cut-out leaf.

Step 4:

 Place the cardstock on the mat, face up. Load the gold pen into the A accessory port. Load the mat into the machine and click the Cricut Go button to start cutting. Repeat this step with each cardstock colour.

Step 5:

 Lay your wreath base down and heat up your hot glue gun. Prepare each leaf by folding it between your fingers to give it a more realistic look. Starting at the top of the wreath, start gluing the leaves on individually using the hot glue. Layer them on top of one another, to slowly build up foliage. Add the gold leaves in after every 4/5 leaves to give hints of gold.

Step 6:

Before you add the last couple of leaves tie a length of twine to your wreath base so that you can hang it. Glue the final leaves over the twine knot to cover it up.

Now hang your completed wreath!

Check out the video tutorial!

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