Get creating ready for the festive season with Cricut! Check out this super easy to follow tutorial and learn how to craft your very own 3D Christmas Deer!

Tools you’ll need to make your 3D Christmas Deer:

Cricut Maker™

Cricut Heavy Chipboard

Cardstock, tartan pattern

Cricut StrongGrip™ Mat

Cricut Knife Blade

White Spray Paint

Black Spray Paint

Wood Glue

Masking Tape


For best results, chipboard should be opened and left out for 24 hours to acclimatise it. If your chipboard starts to warp, place it under a heavy object. Once acclimatised, search ‘Farmhouse Deer Head’ in Cricut Design Space™.


Use masking tape to secure edges of the chipboard to your StrongGrip mat. Follow the prompts in Design Space to cut images from the chipboard, using the correct cut setting and the Knife Blade. Before removing your project from the machine, double check to make sure your project has cut all the way through and perform another cut pass if necessary, before unloading the mat.


Assemble the deer head by sliding the pieces into their slots. Glue the three layers of the plaque base together. Seal the assembled chipboard project with a sealer of your choice. Paint the deer and base using spray paint. Glue the patterned cardstock over the base, aligning the slots. Slide the deer head into the plaque slots, and glue in place.

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