Welcome back to your new favourite blog segment, Crafters’ Spotlight! This is where each month we shine a light on you, our crafters, and show just how talented and wonderful you all are! This month, we’re celebrating the amazing Carole Catterall – read on to learn more about her crafting background!

About Carole…

My first recollection of crafting was around the age of 7, when I decided to knit a cardigan for my doll and I haven’t stopped since. I enjoy a wide range of crafts, though it’s mainly some form of art or paper crafting. For the past few months my focus has been on designing and painting mandalas.

I began watching Hochanda from the moment I heard about it, which was two to three weeks after it first went on air.

Although there have been many wonderful demonstrations on the show, the one that has inspired me the most has to be Barbara Gray creating a background with a Gel-plate. The effect was so amazing that I ordered the gel-plate and large mount straight away. It would be fair to say that I have gel-plates in every size and shape now!

My advice for newbie crafters would be to “Go with the craft that excites you the most as you’ll get the most enjoyment from doing it.  Start off with a simple project as it will give you a great sense of achievement when you finish it and it will boost your confidence in readiness for the second one.  Above all, have fun and enjoy it!”

Hochanda’s Dream Day

In January 2020 Carole was lucky enough to win a place on a Dream Day at Hochanda HQ where she experiences an  all access tour of our offices and studios and got to see behind the scenes! Alongside 9 other crafters, Carole also took part in an exclusive crafting session with out very own Leonie Pujol and got to experience being in the audience during a live show! Whilst Carole was at Hochanda HQ, we asked her a few questions about her experience with Hochanda and about her crafting life!

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