We thought about all the times you’ve told us that we’ve brightened up your day, and now it’s time for us to turn the spotlight on you.

We need each other more than ever right now. So many of you have made us smile, we want you to know how much of a difference you’re making to our lives by tuning in and sending in your crafts.

Every day YOU inspire US!

So, on with the unveiling… Let’s find out who’s in the Crafters’ Spotlight – drum roll, please!

Brig & Dave

We’re proud to have Brig and Dave, our self-confessed biggest fans, in the first Crafters’ Spotlight. They’ve been interacting with us for years and always engaging with other crafters online.

“Hochanda optimizes everything that is great in the world of craft! They bring the products into your home, offer it at a great price and have exceptional presenters and demonstrators to show you how to use it in a friendly and informative way. We are so proud to be part of the Hochanda family” – Brigg & Dave

You may have seen their posts on our Crafting with Hochanda Facebook community. Brig and Dave love to get involved in just about anything, be it needle craft, painting, MDF or more. Have a swipe through some of their wonderful work below!

One little secret you may not know is that Brig and Dave created the chair that our favourite studio bear Snowy likes to relax in!

Finally, we must go out on a bang… if you’re not already a member of our Crafting with Hochanda Facebook community, then join us! You’ll be able to connect with other crafters and be treated to the occasional musical performance from Brig & Dave!

Congratulations to Brig and Dave! We can’t wait to see who’s going to be next in the spotlight!

Would you like to be featured in an upcoming Crafters’ Spotlight? We’d love to hear from you!

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Keep inspiring, happy crafting!

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