We’re back with another exciting and very colourful tutorial from Julia at JMC Designs, showing us how to create a stunning Craftella Tag Design! Read on to find out how to make a professional looking design, just like the ones you see on TV!

For this Craftella Tag, You will need

Craftella collection: Stamp bundle
Sentimentally yours watercolour brush pens
Distress oxide ink

Take a look at our step-by-step guide to create your very own Craftella Tag.

Step 1:

Create your background element. Take your first stamp and lightly ink it onto your card, be sure not to use too much ink as you want this to look like a background element. Tie it together by blending the ink with a brush to create a kind of vignette effect on outside of the card.

Step 2:

Grab a scrap bit of paper to place behind your tag. Take your buttons stamp and apply your ink generously. Using this stamp… give your tag a button border to the left. Remember to re apply the ink to your button stamp in-between applications to really make those buttons pop!

Step 3:

In the same stamp set, there is a little needle with a flower. Don’t be afraid to stamp over the top of your buttons with the flower stamp. Place the flowers at different heights, similar to a meadow.

Step 4:

Take your water colour brush pens, and use them as if they were water colours. Scribble some colour onto your mat, and use a paintbrush with water to grab the colour you want. Add a little bit of colour to your buttons on your tag. Don’t worry if this distresses your buttons a tad, this is the look we’re going for here.

Step 5:

Stamp your flowers on a separate piece of card, colour them in and cut them out. These will be places onto your tag to create a 3D effect… this is why it was okay to place your flowers over the top of your buttons.

Step 6:

Colour in your sally stiches (or selected character), and place her on top of the tag. Align her where you see fit, for this tag over to the left was the best option. Place your text layer of choice on top of the tag. Remember to allow some time for the ink to transfer, a little bit of patience when stamping goes a long way.

Step 7:

Take a black micro pen and draw faux stitching around the tag as a border. This will give the tag a type of hand stitched look, this works really well with the stitching theme of the tag. This border helps to draw the eye into your project. Draw some little cross stitches on the border too, this adds a little bit of whimsical detail. Add your bees where you see fit, and you are done!

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