We have something very exciting for you today! Try this fabulous little project to repurpose an old tin into a beautiful home-made flower pot. It’s guaranteed to brighten up any room of your home it finds itself in! This comes from RPS‘ Christiane Myers, author of the new book Seasonal Scandi Crafts. In this book, there are 45 simple yet effective home décor projects for all four seasons, all with a Scandinavian influence. Christiane brings us this wonderful upcycling flower pot video tutorial from her own kitchen – take it away Christiane!

Introducing Christiane Myers

I’ve always enjoyed making things to bring joy to others. Growing up in a very small community, finding surprises upon your front doorstep was a common occurrence. Our gardens are full of summer blooms right now so it’s a good time to gather a few blossoms to place into a sweetly decorated tin. If you don’t have access to a garden then the roadside verges, your local grocery or florist will have an abundance of flowers. This craft is simple, yet brings joy to both the maker and the receiver.

In these uncertain times, it’s always nice to think of others and bring a smile to their faces. These tins are amazing gifts for loved ones but will also look wonderful dotted about in your own home! This project is similar to the one in my book: Seasonal Scandi Crafts. The little homespun tag complimenting the decorated tin requires simple embroidery stitches which are explained in the book (pages 107-112). I do hope that this charming craft brings you a little bit of happiness in these unpredictable times. The video will give you all the instructions and it’s a pleasure to think of you joining me in my kitchen!

What you will need for your flower pot project:

• Scrap fabric • Tins • Ribbon • Embroidery floss • Scissors • Needle • PVA glue • Thick paper or card

• Flowers

We really hope this has inspired you to take a page out of Christiane’s book and start to include nature in your crafts! There are plenty more simple projects like this detailed in her new book Seasonal Scandi Crafts – check it out here!

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