Box One.
1. Cut selected card to measure 24cm x 24cm. Score length of square at 8cm and 16cm.
2. Turn by 90 degrees and score as before at 8cm and 16cm.
3. Score top right square diagonally from corner to first line intersection. Repeat at remaining corner square.
Clarity Nested Hearts Fresh Cut Dies
4. Place 4th largest Nested Heart over one of the corner squares, lining up mid-points of heart die with diagonal scores. Lightly draw around top of heart to score-line and cut away excess.
5. Round corners of middle squares.
6. Using contrasting card, cut eight hearts using 5th largest heart die.
7. Cut centres out from four using smallest Nested Heart. Add detail with fine-line marker and attach to four central squares on box interior.
8. Cut last four dies in half, decorate with fine-liner pen and add two to each corner square.
9. Valley fold corner squares.
10. From card remainder, cut 13cm square. Score each side at 2.5cm.
11. Cut each corner, fold and glue into place.
12. Decorate lid with smallest Nested Hearts set die and box exterior with 2nd smallest die-cut hearts. Decorate with torn paper roses.
Box Two
1. Using the contrast card, cut square measuring 18cm x 18cm.
2. Score the length of each side at 6cm and 12cm.
3. Cut away each corner square.
4. Draw around 4th largest Nested Heart at the top of each remaining square. Cut away excess.
5. Decorate box inside with hearts and squares.
6. Decorate exterior similarly.
7. Cut square to match Box Two to measure 11cm x 11cm.
8. Score each side at 2cm, cut to intersecting line and glue to create lid.
9. Repeat with a fractionally smaller square to place inside the base of Box Two.
Box Three:-
1. Using remnants from Box One and Box Two, cut a square measuring 15cm x 15cm. Score at 5cm and 10cm. Turn by 90degrees and repeat this process.
2. Cut away each corner square, leaving a ½ cm tab down each right hand side. (These will secure the box shape.)
3. Using 2nd smallest Nested Heart, cut into each side and base.
4. Cut squares of chosen parchment to fit and attach to the interior of each box.
5. Create a ‘lid in reverse’ i.e. slightly smaller than the box. Glue this onto a square of card slightly larger than the box. Allow to set.
6. Glue three sides of the box by dabbing spots of Cosmic Shimmer glue to each tab.
7. Dab the final tab with glue, place box over base (reverse lid) and secure tab to remaining side. (This ensures as snug fit!)
8. Add tea-light/ chocolate/ jewellery to smallest box, close. Add to inside of second box and close lid. Follow by placing inside largest box. Close lid.
(N.B. Please ensure ‘heart hinges’ are facing in one direction when folding box up.)

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